Scale to local markets at lightning speed

Give your dispersed teams powerful, AI-assisted translation tools and workflows so they can seamlessly repurpose your marketing content for local markets.

Global growth relies on localised content.

When it comes to content localization, it isn’t a question of ‘if’. You can’t avoid the necessity of adapting content to local markets. It’s a question of ‘how’. But doing it well is either time-consuming or prohibitively expensive. Shaman has an alternative. With our Machine Learning translation and automated localization workflows, you can rapidly repurpose your most important sales content for local markets.

Scale your content to local markets in minutes...

Your approved CLM or RTE content to Shaman, adding functionality and links.
Local teams can easily duplicate the presentation in a matter of seconds to start localizing.
Kick start localization with ML translation. Polish things off with manual edits and local MLR information.

Why Shaman for Localization?

Translate content rapidly with AI
Machine Learning algorithms help you translate your CLM and email content to 100+ languages - in as little as 5 minutes. While it isn’t yet 100% accurate, your team will save dozens of hours of manual translation and be able to deploy to local markets quicker.
Work from one global content template
Edit email content directly in our HTML editor. For CLM content, your regional teams can localize using their favourite applications with PowerPoint output conversion. Shaman also offers smart updates, allowing you to reconvert and update localized PowerPoint content back to your CLM templates.
Agile workflows for all your teams
Simply upload your content to Shaman, let your local teams duplicate the presentation, then start the localization process. Our intuitive platform makes the entire process smooth and seamless.
Smart localization saves hours of time
Your presentation content can be effortlessly duplicated into multiple ‘work areas’ for different languages. Smart updates mean any changes you make to your content will be automatically synced - while keeping the rest intact.

Other features for effective localization...

100+ supported languages
Translate into 100+ languages with Machine Learning. We’re adding more every month, so stay tuned.
Works seamlessly with Veeva
Purpose-built for Veeva CRM, Shaman pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.
Flexible template gallery
Fragments, Tokens, and content suggestions help you send more personal, impactful emails.
90% of support issues are resolved in <1 hour. Personalised onboarding get up and running in no time.
Export localized content as PDF
Quickly turn CLM content into PDFs for seamless local MLR review and approval.
Custom design & development
We can help your team with global design templates - or developing reusable apps for Veeva.

Pharma companies love localizing with Shaman.

Capability to share Global content with local markets is important for us, each market can then duplicate, adapt and publish the content much easier than before Shaman.
Laurent Dupuy, IT Global Multichannel Program Manager at Novartis

Start scaling to local markets, faster than ever.

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