Interactive Detail Aids in hours,
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Empower your sales reps to get the highest-impact content in front of decision-makers with personalisable, no-code Detail Aids created for Veeva CRM.

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Your success depends on better eDetailing.

No more time-consuming workflows and ineffective, cookie-cutter Detail Aids. With Shaman’s drag ‘n’ drop platform, you can create personalised, interactive Detail Aids in hours - no outsourcing required. You’ll cut costs by up to 80% while winning over today’s hard-to-impress HCPs.

Creating interactive presentations has never been easier.

And combine approved content. Everything will be converted to HTML within minutes.
An interactive presentation. Add structure and links for easily-navigable Detail Aids.
Your Detail Aid directly to Veeva Vault. Sales reps can effortlessly personalize presentations for every HCP.

Why Shaman for CLM?

Cut your costs & save time
Say goodbye to expensive HTML conversions or ‘design by committee’ back-and-forths. Now you can turn static documents into interactive HTML presentations for Veeva Vault in as little as an hour - for 20% of the cost.
Win over hard-to-impress HCPs
It’s clear; one-size-fits-all slideshows don’t impress HCPs anymore. It’s time to get personal. Shaman gives you a hub of interactive content so you can adapt presentations to each and every HCP’s unique needs and pain points.
Discover game-changing insights
When it comes to sales performance, most marketers are in the dark. Our analytics dashboard reveals actionable HCP data so your team can constantly tweak and improve presentations on the go.
Make it an omnichannel effort
Close the loop between sales and marketing with one hub for all your omni-channel content and data. Shaman allows you to create and repurpose content for CLM for F2F, Engage meetings, and approved email templates.

Other useful features for your CLM...

Works seamlessly with Veeva Vault
Purpose-built for Veeva Vault, Shaman pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in your CLM.
Rapid content localization
Global templates and ML translation allow regional teams to easily localise eDetailing content.
AI-driven content suggestions
Powerful algorithms suggest relevant presentation content based on each HCP profile.
90% of support issues are resolved in <1 hour. Personalised onboarding gets you up and running in no time.
Compatible with multiple file formats
Works seamlessly with your favourite formats - including PDFs, PPTs, video, audio, and 3D models.
Custom design & development
We can help your team with custom content creation - or developing reusable apps for Veeva CRM.

Our users love creating Detail Aids with Shaman

With Shaman we are now able to create and publish ourselves in a very effective way interactive materials, the Shaman feature is very easy to use. Great support!
Twan Oomen, Salesmanager at Galderma
With the introduction of Shaman in Novartis, multiple countries could decrease the usage of expensive external agencies and prepare content for Veeva CRM in an efficient way.
Laurent Dupuy, IT Global Manager at Novartis

High-impact sales content starts here.

We’d love to walk you through Shaman in a quick call. You’ll find out exactly how our CLM builder for Veeva CRM can help you shorten your time to market and win over more HCPs.
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