Empower reps with data-driven sales excellence

Shaman Connect Integrated gives the field teams the tools to consistently prepare and deliver personalised, impactful presentations - and discover the game-changing HCP insights to keep improving.

Create a virtuous cycle of growth.

Sales reps rarely prepare for calls effectively. The results; generic presentations that barely move the needle. Shaman puts data at the forefront of your sales strategy. Our intuitive Sales Assistant plugs into Veeva CRM and helps your reps build actionable HCP profiles, deliver hyper-personalised presentations, and follow up effortlessly. Structured, intuitive, and data-driven. Just how sales excellence should be.

Shaman’s Sales Assistant supports reps at every step...

Pre Call
An overview of actionable profiling data and suggestions that empower sales reps to prepare the call.
During the Call
Present the prepared, structured narrative - while having the freedom to adapt in real time.
Post Call
Follow-up with suggested RTEs, easily update HCP information and outline the next steps.

Why Shaman for Sales Excellence?

Actionable data at their fingertips
Actionable HCP data is a critical bottleneck in pharma sales. Our Sales Assistant gives your reps the tools to effortlessly collect relevant prospect information and build vivid HCP profiles. The results? More relevant, compelling sales presentations.
Win over HCPs with personalisation
The best sales calls are a two-way conversation that evolve organically. Shaman lets you set a clear, structured presentation narrative - while having the freedom to quickly adapt to new insights and update HCP profile data in real time.
Seamlessly follow up after the call
Call continuity is critical for sales effectiveness. With Shaman, sales reps can quickly send RTEs to reinforce your message and emphasise desirable call-to-actions. Effortlessly update HCP information and record call outcomes with one-click profiling.
Discover actionable customer insights
Gathering data can be tricky. But when collecting data is an intuitive part of sales reps’ workflows, they’re happy to do it. An intuitive data dashboard provides you with a constant stream of customer insights in real-time.

Other features for high-impact sales calls...

Works seamlessly with Veeva CLM
Purpose-built for Veeva CLM, Shaman pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with sales calls.
Connect with external data sources
The sales assistant can also integrate external data sources, e.g. prescription market share data.
Intuitively collect HCP data
In a few clicks, collect or update HCP data for segmentation - without the administrative burden.
90% of support issues are resolved in <1 hour. Personalised onboarding to get you up and running in no time.
Load more Veeva data
Create logic and suggestions based on existing Veeva data like dynamic attributes or suggestions.
Custom design & development
We can customise the design and functionality of the Sales Assistant based on your needs.

Pharma companies love Shaman for sales execution

Shaman adds value to our sales reps, sales managers and our marketers by showing customer data in a clear and actionable way.
Carlos Carvalho, IBEX Director at AstraZeneca
Shaman understands what it takes to engage users with systems by adding value to data with the end-user in mind.
Cameron Dimech, SFE Manager at AstraZeneca

A new, data-driven approach to sales starts here.

We’d love to walk you through Shaman’s Sales Assistant in a quick, 30-minute call. You’ll find out exactly how we can help you can maximise the performance of your sales teams by placing HCPs front and center.
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