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ShamanGo’s no-code, drag ‘n’ drop platform  helps you rapidly create interactive detail aids and personalised emails in Veeva. You’ll save time, cut costs, and win over more (hard-to-impress) HCPs than ever.

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Why ShamanGo for Veeva?

Simplify your process
Cut out the middle men and turn static documents into interactive HTML content in as little as an hour.
Win over more HCPs
Empower your sales reps to tell a story specially-tailored to each and every prospective customer.
Go omnichannel
Close the loop between sales and marketing with one, convenient hub for all your omnichannel content.

Create interactive Detail Aids in hours, not months

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Rapidly create responsive, high-impact emails

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Empower your reps with data-driven sales excellence

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Why do 350+ pharma teams use ShamanGo?

ShamanGo is the one-stop solution we found – backed up with a great support and openness to adapt the solution. 
Adrian Duprey, Digital Product Manager at Novartis
Very rarely you come across a program that you really enjoy working with. Editing your detail aids in Shaman is a piece of cake.
Peter Dekker, Medical Manager at Zambon
Thanks to Shaman, we could reduce time to market, adapt content easily when needed, and reduce the costs of CLM materials.
Wim de Vos, Commercial Excellence Director at Takeda

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